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What do our customers say?

Dear Dave,

 The Edelstahl helmet arrived today and I could not be more satisfied. In addition to being my first police helmet - and a somewhat uncommon one - it is exactly the way it was listed and pictured on your website. I hope to discover more about the odd mark that was scratched into the shell. I also appreciate the care with which you packed the helmet with detail given to bagging and insulation. And I will be using the Hans Tragarsky mouse pad at my work computer – a great conversation piece. Thank you many times over for providing such outstanding professional service in a field that is fraught with much fakery and fraud! I look forward to my next purchase.



Minneapolis, MN


Thank you much for everything!  And, I mentioned before, your packing and certificate are very well done!  Other dealers could learn much from you!   I hope to do many more "deals" with you!   

All the best!

Robert, Lebanon, PA

Hello Dave,

Yes, the helmet arrived safely.  I just got back from picking it up at the post office.  The helmet is outstanding!  I, as you do really like these combat-used helmets.  As your description accurately states, there is no doubt about the wire being period-applied.  Also, you packed the helmet so nicely, I almost hated to take it out of the box and mess up your good work.   Thanks, Dave, for the excellent service.   

Very sincerely 

Greg, El Paso, Texas 

Hi Dave,

I received the helmet today after much anticipation and was not disappointed, I have been very impressed with the whole process and the service you offer including the certificate of authenticity.  I look forward to more successful transactions in the future.

Many kind regards,  

Russell, Hertfordshire, England 


The M42 Luftwaffe helmet arrived today.  I am very pleased with it.  This is my 3rd helmet purchase from you and won’t be my last!  All 3 helmets were very accurately described and all three were better quality “in person” than in photos.  The fact that you offer a “lifetime” guarantee of authenticity (in writing) makes buying a helmet from you a “NO BRAINER”.  You always have an awesome collection of helmets for sale on your website and you constantly have new updates (seems like weekly).  You simply have the best that I have ever seen!

Ken, LaFayette, Louisiana

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my M42 Heer single decal German helmet today and I just wanted to say that I am thrilled with it.  This is my first helmet and will definitely not be my last.      I want to thank you for your great service.  Everything was done top notch!
Thanks again!!
Chris, Whitby, Ontario
, Canada

Hello Dave.

People cant believe how authentic and "cool" the helmet is Dave.  I never
thought it would get so much attention, but people really seem to 
take interest when they see it or hear that I have it. The comment I get
most often once it is handled is "Wow this is heavy, its gotta be real"
Just thought I would pass the thoughts your way, again, you're the
man. ;)

Sean, Tucson AZ

Hi Dave,

Received my Kriegsmarine from you today and I must say I couldn't be happier!
It is even nicer in the flesh and very comforting for a new entrant into helmet collecting to deal with such a reliable dealer such as yourself.

Again many thanks.


Caleb, London England



I just got in from my trip to Destin, FL and couldn't wait to open our package.  You can imagine having to wait a week to open up what I would consider a gift. Man, I was not disappointed.  The helmet is awesome!!!!! Thank you for sharing such a treasure with my dad and I.  This will be displayed proudly. Keep in touch.
John, Hixon, Tennessee  


I am 100% satisfied with every aspect of our transaction honestly.  I like
the fact that there is someone else out there like me... I MUST have %100
original items. You are doing everything right my friend... keep it up and
you'll go far. 

thanks again!

Matt, Indianapolis IN


Your a genuine professional seller.  As impressive and user friendly as your website.  At first I had reservations about sending my helmet to consign with someone I didn't really know.  You sold my item quickly and paid quickly.   Your a true gentleman.

Jerry, Claremont, New Hampshire


I received your check today. Thank you very much for selling this
helmet for my mother-in-law.  She was very happy with the amount she
received.  I'm glad I found your web site.  

Again let me thank you for what you have done.  I was a
little leery sending this helmet away to you but you have proved that there
are really honest people out there.  

Thank you,

Russ, Hermitage PA

Hello Dave!

The helmet arrived today and it is exactly as described on your website.
The delivery overseas took only a few days.

Terje, Norway


Hi Dave,
The helmet has arrived.   WoWWW !!!!!!, it really is every bit as good as you said.  I am very, very pleased with this purchase, and the quick International delivery time.  I really look forward to further dealings.

Thank you,


Neil, West Yorkshire, UK 

Hi Dave
The Helmet came today and it's beautiful.  Even my family thought it was.  I am really happy with it.  I am honored to be its new owner.  I will post some pics on the board soon.  Thanks again.  Talk to you very soon.

Steve, Circle Pines, Minnesota  

The parcel arrived today...just one word....WONDERFUL!!!!

Andrea, Italy


I received my helmet, and it is great.  You're exactly right about actually getting it in your hands and checking it out, it's a thousand times better when you're holding it than just seeing pictures of it.  Thanks for everything.

David, Columbus, Ohio

Good morning Dave,

I received your check yesterday.  I thank you very much. Your
honesty, integrity, and expertise enabled this sale to go through to our mutual
benefit.  Without finding your web site and contacting you, the true value of
the helmet would not have been recognized, nor reached.

I trust that the new owner is appreciative of his new purchase.


Steve, Brookhaven, PA


Just wanted to let you know I picked up the M42 from the Post office today, Outstanding!  Just as you described.  Size 68's are hard to come by.  


David, New Port Richey, FL


I picked up the helmet this morning at the post office.  It was as
good as you said it would be. 


Jim, Santa Monica, CA


The helmet is fantastic.  A very nice piece. My son is going to be thrilled. I can't thank you enough for this superb piece of history.  You are easily one of the most friendly and honest people to work with. 

Thanks again, 

Tim, Stow, OH

Yes, the M42 did arrive.  Very excited and fortunate to get this most desired piece of history.  Fantastic!!

Thanks again.

Steve, Depew, New York


Helmet arrived today.  The only I can say right now is wow!  Makes me want to throw my other originals out the window.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was that nice old attic smell.  I feel pretty fortunate, to own such a great piece.  I'd like to thank you for sending out the helmet so fast.  You are a true professional.  Definitely, the best I've ever dealt with.


Dan, Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Received the M35 the other day and wanted to say thanks for another great helmet.  I am very much pleased with the Camo and overall quality of the helmet.  

Thank You!

Jack, New Jersey 


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Received today in fine shape. I appreciate you and what you do for us history buffs.  The size is amazing.  I think the liner has a 53 in it which is listed as extra small.   Very cool. 

Steve, Fair Oaks, CA

Dave, excuse my French but...

HOLY @#S*!

KILLER camo Dave...the best I've ever owned!

Thank you again so VERY much!

Roy, Alberta, Canada  

Hi Dave, I received the the EF M40 SD helmet today, wonderful piece.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hervé, Nimes, France

Hi Dave,

The check was just delivered; thank you so much!   It’s been fantastic working with you; we really appreciate all you’ve done.  Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.  Thank you once again!

Heather & Matt, San Francisco, CA

Hi Dave,

Shako arrived today in perfect order thanks to your good packing !!!!  Looks great. Worth waiting for. Many thanks.

Best regards,

Chris, Perth, Western Australia  

Hello Dave
Just received my German helmet about a half hour ago and wanted to let you know that it is awesome and this has been a great buying experience for me.  Looking forward to purchasing another helmet in the future, probably a Luftwaffe.  Thank you for the very nice beer glass. I will put it to good use!
Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year!
Mike, Aurora, Colorado

Hi Dave,

You probably don't remember talking to me on the phone, but I purchased a WWII helmet for my little 10yr old nephew for Christmas and we talked for a little bit on the phone and I promised you I'd send you a picture of my nephew with his helmet... Well, here you'll find it attached...You'll be able to read from my mom's email message below that he LOVES it and he said to me 'it is the best present he ever got in his 'entire' life'!  So I'm very very happy.  Just wanted to share the happy moment with you!  Hope you are doing well! Happy Holidays!

Kelly, Skokie, IL

Hi Dave,
Box of four helmets arrived today, absolutely fantastic as usual!
Keep up the good work Dave.   I will keep an eye on the site.
I will let you know when other helmets arrive, but I cannot wait to see
them in the flesh.

Many thanks again!

Gary, Lancashire,  England

Hi, Dave,
Just wanted to let you know I received the US Model 1917 "Doughboy" helmet today.  Thank you!
In addition, I wanted to express my satisfaction with my first buying experience with you.  You answered emails in a timely manner and the way you packaged the helmet was superb. I have purchased several expensive ($1000+) helmets from another rather popular helmet dealer, and the helmets were simply wrapped in a brown grocery bag and placed in the box with no extra paper or packing peanuts to protect the helmet should it have an accident.  Your COA is also very nicely written and printed, then placed in a sheet protector.  I paid for a COA for a helmet I owned and sent to another dealer for the COA, and the COA was placed in the liner area without a sheet protector.  When I received it, the COA was crumpled and wrinkled.  That was disappointing and not what I had expected.  In short, I look forward to buying helmets from you in the future.   Keep up the good work!
Best wishes,
Todd, Taneytown, Maryland 

Hi Dave,
I received the helmets today and am very pleased.  Everything was done very professionally, and I like the way the certificates were done.  The glass is cool too!


Andrew, Dobbs Ferry, New York


The helmet looks great!   And the glass was a nice touch!  Thank you for your excellent service!

Fred, North East, Pennsylvania  

Hi Dave,

The helmet safely at home.   Really a very beautiful helmet, a great addition to my collection!

It has been a pleasure doing business with you again.


Xavier, Barcelona, Spain

Email:  germanhelmets@morrisbb.net



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