WWII German Helmets

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M1942 Heer "Souvenir" German Helmet 
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WWII German Army Helmet

WWII German Army Helmet

WWII German Army Helmet   WWII German Army Helmet
WWII German Army Helmet WWII German Army Helmet

M1942 Heer No Decal "Souvenir" German Helmet

This is a really neat M1942 Heer No Decal German Helmet.  This WWII German helmet retains around 70% of its original rough texture field gray factory finish.  The helmet is what is typically referred to as a "Souvenir" helmet with all the countries that the American soldier went through while deployed in the ETO.  The various countries painted on the helmet are as follows:  France, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.  The liner pins are fully intact and are clearly original to the helmet.  The helmet retains its original M1931 steel banded liner.  The liner leather is missing.  The maker mark is HKP64 indicating manufacture by Sachsische Emaillier u. Stanzwerke, Lauter, Germany.   The lot number is 462.  As with all of our helmets, this WWII German helmet comes with our Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Guarantee.

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