WWII German Helmets

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Selling Your German Helmet / or German Items from WWII

We are always looking for Authentic WWII German Helmets as well as other WWII German items such as daggers, medals, soft caps, etc. This is where most of our inventory comes from.   We are happy to give advice and discuss options.  Many of the helmets & WWII items that we have purchased have been direct from Veteran Estates.  Often heirs are not sure of value and the best way to sell the helmet.   We are not in the business of stealing from Veteran's families.   We will always give you an open honest fair market value for your WWII German helmet & other WWII items.    

The first step of the process is to send us an e-mail at GermanHelmets@morrisbb.net  with a description of what you have and good pictures.   You can also text us at 828-329-4806.  Please try to take crisp clear pictures.   Outdoors in natural light is always preferred.   If it looks like an item(s) that we wish to purchase, we'll send you an e-mail stating such.    Once we agree on a price, please forward the item(s) to our address below at the bottom of the page.   Once received you will promptly be paid with either check, money order, or PayPal.   We are flexible on the type of payment and you will receive funds quickly.   You can be assured that you will receive payment from us immediately.  WW2GermanHelmets.com is well established business and we have a flawless reputation within the Military collecting community.   Payment will be immediate and in whatever form you desire.  We will consider paying up front, but only through PayPal.  There are so many scams that we just cannot send funds to unknown parties.  

If we determine that a helmet or item is not an authentic piece, we will promptly return the item(s) to you at our expense.   We only sell authentic pieces, therefore any item we purchase must be 100% authentic and correct to the WWII period.  


We also welcome selling your items on consignment.  We encourage you to consider this option versus selling on Ebay.   Good helmets usually do not reach their true market value due mainly to the skepticism of most collectors.  Please contact us for more details on fees and how the process works if you are interested in consigning your helmet or any other WWII German items.   We can provide professional references as well.  If you do choose to consign your items, please bear in mind that your items must be 100% authentic period items and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity to our customers.  If an item is deemed to be Post War or have any Post War modifications and it is returned to us,  we do expect our funds to be returned as well.   We take great care in authenticating items, but on consignment items, it is a partnership and we do expect consignors to accept responsibility for items sold here.   This has never been an issue, but we do want our consignors to understand the liabilities that are involved.

Estate / Collection Liquidation

In addition to buying and consign selling individual WWII German Helmets / WWII German items, we  also offer Estate / Collection  Liquidation of German Helmets and other WWII German Items.   Collections & Estates can be individually discussed.   Please contact us for additional information.   


Attn:  Dave Shirlin

128 Silver Pine Drive  

Hendersonville, NC 28739

Cell: 828-329-4806 

Email:  GermanHelmets@morrisbb.net








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