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German Imperial Belt Buckle WWII Reissued-NCO/EM "Veteran Bringback"

This is a really unusual and scarce buckle.  This is a WWI Imperial German buckle that was re-issued during WWII.   The finish is gorgeous and the buckle is mint.   The high relief areas have no where and the Olive Drab WWII paint is flawless and nearly 100% intact.   The buckle just has a some very light surface rust on the left side.   The Buckle is not maker marked.  Overall, this is a very scarce buckle and the only one I have ever found.   This is a great buckle and would be difficult to upgrade.  This buckle was brought back by a US Army Corporal from Asheville, NC.   This item is 100% Authentic and comes with my Lifetime Guarantee and Certificate of Authenticity.

$195.00 Item #791 

Hitler Youth Member's Belt Buckle  

This is a nice Hitler Youth Belt Buckle.  The buckle is made of Zinc and is solid backed, injection molded.   Most of the original silver wash is worn off, giving the buckle a nice bluish patina.  The buckle exhibits some wear in the high relief areas but overall a real beauty.   The buckle is RZM marked and is maker marked M4/24 indicating manufacture by the Friedrich Linden firm.   This item is 100% Authentic and comes with my Lifetime Guarantee and Certificate of Authenticity.

Sold  Item #836 


NSDAP/Political Flag/Banner 

This is nice solid NSDAP Flag/Banner.   This flag is in good overall condition.  It is double sided with nice sewn on Canted Swastikas on each side.   This one is a nice small size of 19" x 15 1/2", which gives it a number of great display uses.   The banner is made from Cotton/Rayon material.  There are a couple of small holes but overall the flag is in nice solid condition.  This item is 100% Authentic and comes with my Lifetime Guarantee and Certificate of Authenticity.

On Hold Item #798


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