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Dave's Desk  

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Issue #6 January 2010

The Show of Shows (SOS)

Well, I finally found a spare moment to update the Blog.   I have had a few of you guys remind to do so as well, so that does mean that a few of you take time to read the Blog.   I am excited to report that I will have a table at the upcoming Show of Shows aka. the SOS in Louisville, KY (February 18-21st).    Typically I haven't hit the show circuit much as in the past I have either been too busy or have had other commitments.   Such as last year, my sweet blue eyed 9 year old daughter had a Father-Daughter dance at school, and when I told her I probably can't make it due to the show, her eyes began to well up with tears...and you guys that are father's can attest to how that can change your mind, so needless to say, I didn't make it last year.   As I start my Fifth year of operation, I felt the timing was good to finally do the SOS show and get out there and meet many of you.   I have been dealing with a number of you fellows since the very start of my Helmet business back in 2005, and have only met a few of you face to face.   I know that many of you guys will be at the show and I am hopeful that you will take the time to stop by my table and chat for a while, have a cup of coffee and just chew the fat as we say here in the South.  

Here's a link to the SOS website for more information in case you are thinking about coming to the show.   


I do hope that if you are on the fence about coming to the show, that you will go ahead and make the trip.   I know it will be a blast as there will be over 1,500 tables of Militaria of which a high percentage will be WWII and of course a high percentage of that will be WWII German items.    I am like a kid in a candy store in that environment, as are most of you.   I think the only tough part about the SOS is not having the cash to buy everything that you see and want, and you can go into sensory overload as there is so much there.   I do have a couple of special helmets that I am going to put back for the show, one is a North Afrika Camouflaged M38 Fallschirmjager helmet, that comes direct from the family of the Veteran, and an M35 Desert Afrika Corps Luftwaffe helmet, also direct from the family of the Veteran.   And, who knows what else will come in between now and the show.    

I do also plan to bring my Vet Captured Omaha Beach Normandy Camouflaged M40 Heer and have it on display.  Of course, it will not be for sale but I know many of you guys would like to see it.   That is one that I really do love and just feel lucky to be the current steward of this great piece of history.   I see owning a collectable such as a German helmet more of as being a care taker, as most of these pieces will out live us all and will be collected and will pass through the generations.    I envision that WWII German items will remain highly collectable for generations to come.  

I wish each of you a prosperous, happy and healthy 2010!    

Until next time, happy hunting!  




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Cash, Check, Money Order, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, and Bank Transfer are all accepted.   I also am pleased to accept layaways.   Simply pay 1/2 down, then pay the remaining balance within 30 days.  Once the balance is paid, I will ship your item promptly. 

There will be a 4.0% fee for PayPal purchases. For PayPal, simply provide me with your e-mail address and the item(s) you want and I will forward you a PayPal invoice.   MasterCard/Visa purchases include a 3.5% processing fee for US and international orders.


Items will be shipped after the check clears for items paid with personal checks. 

Shipping will be handled on a quote basis.  Generally we use UPS for domestic as the tracking is superior and the service very reliable.  We can  offer FedEx & USPS shipping as well.   

International shipping is also on a quote by quote basis.  I will ship to any country that shipping is available.   Be advised that if you are in a banned country, the risk for customs seizure is yours.  For International shipments I recommend using USPS Express International Mail as it can be tracked.  EMS is more expensive, however less services with the US Postal Service put you at risk for loss as the tracking capabilities are limited.  For the safest and best tracking as well as the fastest transit time, I recommend United Parcel Service, International Door to Door Service.  For shipments with low value declared without proper insurance, WW2GermanHelmets.com cannot accept liability for loss or damage.    


Please make checks and money orders payable as follows:


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Email:  GermanHelmets@morrisbb.net

Phone:  828-335-1944


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