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Good day fellows.  I hope you all are keeping well as my customers in the UK like to say.   I know you guys watch my blurb on the Helmets for Sale section about items that are "On the Way".   I know a number of you were waiting for the M1940 Veteran Bringback Heer Normandy Camo when I posted it up.   I did purchase this one with the intentions of selling it, but when I opened the box and held it for about 5 seconds, I knew this one had to stay.   Being a huge WWII history buff or nut as my wife would say, I love the items that are connected with the Normandy Campaign.   This one just spoke to me.   I will also confess that I am more collector at heart than I am a dealer.  Sure, I am a dealer, but I have to tell you, I would keep a whole lot more if the damn economy here wasn't in the tank.   There are still helmets that I truly miss and wish I could have kept, but at least I know where most of them are (DB, you know the Q66 Single Decal Bulge captured SS helmet that I am referring to!)  

So, don't be mad if occasionally I have to put one of these helmets back.   Often times I get rotten pictures from sellers and just don't have a good idea of what a helmet is actually like until I receive it.   Anyhow, I did want to feature this gorgeous M1940 Normandy Camouflage helmet in my blog as I do feel that this is truly a Classic Normandy camouflage pieces and to me has all the earmarks you want to see in a WWII period German camouflage piece.  This one has plenty of wear but is all there except the drawstring.   The liner and the chinstrap are overall nice and it displays like a champion.   The paint scheme is just awesome with the Tan base paint with Green & dark reddish Brown.  There are even some nice green paint runs on the front.   So many of the Normandy camos that I see are Luftwaffe pieces, so it is nice to find a Heer helmet.   Overall this one is a combat experienced piece and a true battlefield pick up.   This one came from a lady in Nashville, TN.  Her husband's father brought this one back.  Unfortunately, her husband was killed in a car accident several years ago and with him, died the details about the helmet.   His name was Eugene Pahnke and he served in the US Army Air Corp.  I was able to get some information about him on this website: http://aad.archives.gov/aad/series-list.jsp?cat=WR26  

This is a good site that I found to research American Soldiers that served in WWII.   

Enjoy the pictures of this beauty.  I hope you guys like the Normandy Camo as much as me!

Until next time, happy hunting!






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