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Issue #24 "A Higher Call" book review - Now that's a book! 

Good day history buffs & WWII collectors!   I wanted to share a book with you fellows.   I have long been a reader of WWII history books and to me, a good book is one that not only educates but gives the reader an adventure!    I have some favorite writers, such as Alex Kershaw, author of "the Few", "the Bedford Boys", "the Longest Winter", & "the Liberators" and more.  And of course, we all love all the books by the late great Stephen Ambrose, known by his works such as "Band of Brothers", "D-Day", "Citizen Soldiers", & many more.  There is a new writer that has achieved a great work that rivals the best of the best!   The writer is Adam Makos and his new book is called "A Higher Call".    My perception of the book was initially that it was a book about a chance encounter between a Luftwaffe fighter pilot and an American B-17 Pilot, but the book is much much more!  

The first half of the book is about the experiences of Luftwaffe ME-109 pilot Franz Stigler.   The book provides great insight to the inner workings of the Luftwaffe.  Stigler was in the famed JG-27 squadron in North Africa and he served with the famed squadron leader Gustav Roedel, who came to be Stigler's mentor.   Stigler also met with Germany's most famed fighter pilot, Adolf Galland while stationed in Sicily and he later served in the only ME262 Jet fighter squadron with Galland.   My perceptions of the Luftwaffe were changed by this book.   I never really thought of the Luftwaffe pilots as anything more than your usual "Nazis" with misguided loyalties to their fanatical leader Hermann Göring.   Nothing could be further from the truth.   Due to the German Defense Law of 1938, the vast majority of Luftwaffe pilots were not even members of the Nazi party.   As a matter of fact, the Luftwaffe in general had a certain disdain for "the Party".    I never knew the extent of the disdain that many of the Luftwaffe pilots had for "the Party" and their leader Göring.   I was fascinated to read about the "fighter pilot mutiny" in late 1944 in which Galland, a General by this point in the war, along with Luetzow, Trautloft, Neumann and Steinhoff approached Göring to resign.   Needless to say, this meeting did not go well for the fighter pilots, and Göring wanted all of them shot for treason.   In all my years in studying WWII I wasn't familiar with this particular situation.   It took incredible bravery to stand up to the second most powerful leader of the Third Reich.

Another element that was ever present among the Luftwaffe fighter pilots was a sense of honor.   Now I am quite sure that not all Luftwaffe pilots followed the high code of honor, but I believe that the majority did.   I was never fully aware of this code of honor until reading this book.   It seems that the Luftwaffe pilots were in their own World during WWII somewhat disconnected from the activity of "the Party" and on many occasions the Luftwaffe had run-ins with the Gestapo.    In his book, Makos does a fantastic job in giving the reader a real insight to not only the Luftwaffe but how they fit into the scheme of things politically.   I have always felt that to describe all of the German service personnel of WWII as "Nazis" as not accurate.   This book validates that certainly not all German servicemen where Nazis, and as in the Luftwaffe, most were fighting for country, not the party.   

In the book, Makos also does a great job in depicting the day to day life of the American bomber crews.   The story of Charlie Brown and his crew of the "Ye Olde Pub" is fascinating.   Their encounter with Franz Stigler happened on their very first mission.   Brown and his crew were attacked on their way back from a bombing run over Bremen by a squadron of Folk Wolfe 190s.   Their bomber was literally shot all to hell.  They somehow managed to disappear into clouds and were written off and the Luftwaffe pilots discontinued their attack.   Brown and his crew are fighting to keep "the Pub" flying heading toward the coast of Germany when Franz Stigler sees them flying over while he is stopped at a coastal air base to refuel and rearm.  He quickly scrambles and catches up to "the Pub", and see how bad off this bomber is.   Stigler realizes that there is no honor in shooting down a bomber that is in this condition.   He literally gives them escort out of Germany to the sea as he knows that without escort, coastal Flak batteries will surely blast "the Pub" out of the air as often the crews would just wait for the low flying stragglers to come over.   Stigler risked all to give assistance to the American bomber crew.    This portion of the book was riveting and I just couldn't put it down through these sections.   The best words to describe the book is it's one of high adventure!    This book gets five stars and two thumbs up.   It's the kind of book that even non WWII history buffs will enjoy.    The book is currently trending at #6 in the New York Times Best Sellers (Non-fiction).    Here's a link if you decide to pick up a copy:


I hope you pick up a copy of the book and enjoy it as much as me.   I am a lover of WWII history and this is a must read.    


Until next time....happy hunting!!!! 


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