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Issue #23 New Photographic Techniques & Featured M1942 Normandy Captured German Helmet

Good day history buffs & WWII collectors!   2012 thus far has been a super year for us here at WW2GermanHelmets.com.   Sales results have been very good and we have continued to find fantastic WWII artifacts to offer.   With the growth, I always feel compelled to strive to make improvements to the website.   As with any web based business, photography is critical.   Recently, I have been working on new techniques and made investments in photography equipment.   A good friend of mine, Paul with River Valley Militaria always has great photos on his website, so who better to reach out to other than Paul for some advice.   Paul was kind enough to give me great pointers for shooting the helmets without creating the "fish eye" effect as well as lighting.   I was considering purchasing a new camera and as I soon discovered, it wasn't the equipment, it was the operator!    The only piece of equipment that was necessary was actual photographic lamps instead of my jerry rigged cheap Lowes lamps.   I added a gray neutral backdrop to absorb light and to soften up the photos, as well as to bring the viewers eye to the subject of the photograph.   I am really pleased with the results and I hope that you will appreciate the improvements in photography.    To demonstrate the new techniques, what better way than to feature a really special WWII German helmet.   

I picked up this M1942 Three Color Camouflaged German helmet this summer.   This is one of those pieces that really gets the blood moving.    The helmet was captured by US Navy Lt. JG. Hugh Lawrence.    Lt. JG Lawrence served aboard LCT-707 and he was involved in the early waves to land on Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6th, 1944.   He spent most of June 6 and 7 making landings at Omaha Beach.  He landed on Gold Beach on June 8th and he noted in his diary that this was the day he finally set foot on French soil.  As with most collectors, I am a die hard history buff, and I love the history of the Normandy campaign.   History is what it's all about.  If you aren't a history buff, you really can't understand.    To some people, the WWII artifacts are just old dusty relics with no real purpose, but to me and most of you, it's our way of reaching out and touching history!   We don't have the technology to travel back in time, so the items and the folks that were there are our only real connection to WWII.   Lt. JG Lawrence captured this helmet during the early days of fighting on the Normandy (Normandie) coast of France.  It is not known if he picked up the helmet on Omaha or Gold beach, but we do know that it was captured at Normandy during the early days of the campaign.   The helmet itself is an EF66 and is a "No Decal" Heer helmet.   The paint features three colors; brick red, tan, and green.   The paint while wet had sand added to help diminish the reflective properties.   What is really cool is the sand on the helmet is the very sand from the beaches of Normandy!  Here's a look at the helmet photographed with the new techniques and studio lights.  

 WWII German Hemet NormandyWWII German Hemet NormandyWWII German Hemet NormandyWWII German Hemet NormandyWWII German Hemet Normandy

It is always great when a piece has history tied to it.   I was able to get a copy of Lt. Lawrence's diary in which he recorded his Normandy campaign experience.  Here are some excerpts from Lt. Lawrence's diary:

June 6 - Awakened at 0330.  Got up & put on clothes, helmet, 45, life jacket, & gas mask.  I wonder what today will bring.  Army men sleeping like boys.  0415 something like a meteor passing over column of ship.  It's a plane on fire.  0530 sky ahead lit up in distance by flares & flashes.   Over the engines comes a noise not unlike thunder.  Well this is it.   It is still dark just before sun up - very dark.  608 gets us out of column over to transport area.  0615 arrived at rendevous area & dragged anchor.  Sun is coming up now & France appears as a thick line with smoke hanging over it.  0630 H hour.  Wind still blowing and water whipped about.  0726 pulled up anchor and start our trip to shore.  Still haven't seen anyone coming back out.   0932 passed line of departure and France coming up (2 miles).  Looks rather quiet.  An LCT just passed us going back out.  Ramps shot off with holes in it.  Just passed a BB which let go a broadside and bounced us about a bit.  There seems to be a group of LCTs ahead just milling around - wonder what's up.   Now we are in a huge crowd of LCTs as we are given the order not to beach.   All over the beach you can see tiny points of lights, flashes from guns firing, theirs not ours.  What a target these LCTs would be to an aircraft but haven't seen any yet.   A few LCTs make what appears to be a suicide runs to the beach.  They go in and get stuck.   Some stranded boats & LCTs on beach but no one aboard is alive.

There are some tanks on the beach but they aren't running.   A couple are on fire as is an LCT now.   All of the troops are laying near the seawall.  A few are going up the ravines and some are on top of hill.  I can't see why beach should be fired on so heavily.   On the beach there is very little movement.  The vehicles are un-manned and soldiers all are laying quiet so as not to draw fire.    Some of the LCTs afloat have very great list to port or starboard due to holes in the sides.  One LCT is being towed along side by two others.   She has been hit astearn and has a great list.  The soldiers area all up on the bow or forward just to get out of the water.    Had a couple of sandwiches for dinner but didn't enjoy them too much.  At 1300 beach seems pretty quiet so believe we might go in.   As we approached beach firing turned up so we returned away from beach so destroyers could come in and shell the beach again.   After a couple of hours of this we try again and get two vehicles off before shell fire starts in.  Went in again behind LCT-305.   When we approached her by the stern two explosionss occur on her deck.   The skipper waves to us for help & we try to help him but can't reach him.   Another LCT reached him by crashing in to him.   

Started in again at 1820 with shells hitting beach.  Went in between two LCIs.   As last vehicle went off a column of water leaps up to starboard about 50 feet flailing us back when another hit to port to distance.   One shell in front & one astern before we could clear the beach.   Went out fast.   Went out to transport area and met some on the way.  Some starting to go down now.   Lost one man by shrapnel.   At 2350 having anchored, I hit the sac.  Can't get over all the shells that never hit anything.   However, it is great to be around at this time.

How is that for a snap shot into one of the most important days in American history!      

Until next time....happy hunting!!!! 


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