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Dave's Desk  

Dave & friends showing off some helmet scores from the Louisville Show of Shows 2012

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Issue #21 The 2012 Show of Shows Recap

Good day History buffs & fans of WW2GermanHelmets.com.    I finally grabbed a few moments to write another issue of the blog.    First of all, thanks to all of you fellows that took the time to track me down at the SOS!   I was not easy to find as I spent most of the show hunting for new German helmets!   I had to share a table this year (Thanks Lenny W!) so I didn't have much room, therefore, I made the most of the show by cruising for helmets.    On a positive note, I submitted an application for the SOS 2013 on Saturday and it looks pretty positive to land a couple of tables.    But, that's way out in the future and I will give updates on next years show next January.    

Overall it was a really fun show.   The cash seemed to be flowing and there were a number of great items at the show.   The normal rule of 'Buyer Beware' seemed to be ever present, but that's pretty normal for any show.    If you know your stuff, there were some great helmets to be picked up.   Many dealers were willing to negotiate and the buyers seemed to be taking advantage of that.   I was able to pick up a number of really nice solid helmets, so be sure to check for frequent updates over the next week or two as I will be listing some great helmets as time permits.    Like most shows, the WWII German helmets seemed to be the most popular and sought after items at the show.    I continue to be amazed at how wildly popular the German helmets are!   

Here's a beauty that I picked up at the show along with a couple of other notable helmets.   This is an M1940 Luftwaffe Three Color Camouflaged helmet.   This was one that I snagged during the annual feeding frenzy at Dr. Wiseman's table.   He is a noted collector that is in the process of selling off his collection and he brings a number of helmets to the show every year and many are the sought after exotic ones.   My legs were about shot by the end of the show and my voice was about gone due to all talking.    But, the show is always lots of fun and if you haven't been to the SOS, I encourage you to take the time to go in 2013.   




One thing that seemed to be common complaint at the Show of Shows is the poor concessions.   If you want to clog your arteries, well, you didn't have to look too far.   They only offer hot dogs, big pretzels (mostly still frozen), and popcorn.   Really weak and you would think that the largest Militaria show in the World would take more pride in the show amenities.    My son's High School does a much better job than the largest Militaria show in the World....quite sad it seems!    I don't have any show pictures from the floor this year.  The time just flew by and I was just too busy mingling and looking for helmets and I really forgot to get out and take some photos. 

On Thursday evening, we had "HelmetFest 2013" at the Courtyard Marriott.   The beer was flowing and there was a lot of great helmets to see that were scored on the opening day of the show.    I am proud to say that WW2GermanHelmets.com was again the official Beer sponsor and I provided complimentary Beer Glasses to all in attendance.    There were some great helmets there for sure (see picture).   The helmet collecting community is a fairly close knit group of guys and it's always fun to catch up with one another at the show.


2012 is off to a great start!   

January really turned out to be a banner month for WW2GermanHelmets.com.   It was our 2nd highest grossing month for sales in the history of the website.   We sold 24 German helmets during January as well as a number of miscellaneous items.   We are aggressively working to expand our inventory and continue to provide solid communication, order processing, and quick delivery to you.   I am excited to report that I am easing out of the Real Estate profession so I can devote 100% of my time to WW2GermanHelmets.com.   What began as a side business seven year ago has grown into a very healthy and growing business.   I can only say Thanks to you, my loyal customers for your continued business and support!    

We are looking for inventory! 

As part of our aggressive growth strategy at WW2GermanHelmets.com, we are always on the hunt for new inventory, especially the WWII German Helmets.   Please do keep us in mind for any German helmets that you are looking to sell.  As a collector, consignment is always a great option.   We do all the work and the website exposure can get your helmets in front of a Global customer base.   I can tell you that when you consign, we normally sell the items quickly for top market value and you get paid very quickly.   If you are in need to sell helmets straight out, we do buy German helmets.   I get phone calls all the time and people ask, "Do you buy German helmets?".   The answer is "YES, we buy German helmets!".     If you have any questions about consignment and how it works, just give me a call or shoot me an email.   

Watermarking the photos

You may have noticed a little logo on all the photos.   Recently we have had an issue where our photos are getting pirated and used on various on-line auction sites to commit fraud.   The WWII German helmets are quite popular and they do trade, often for high values, consequently the criminals have followed the money.    We began watermarking the photos with the WW2GermanHelmets.com logo.  I really hate watermarks as they are somewhat distracting but given the amount of volume and exposure that the website now enjoys, we have to do it.    I hope you guys don't mind the watermarks, but it's just something that had to be done.   

Until next time....happy hunting!!!! 




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