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Issue #16  The USB Microscope- New Sections - Born 40 years too late!!!

Good day fellows.   Sorry it's been a while since my last blog but things have been crazy busy.   I love doing the blog, but it takes a backseat to operational items.   I recently picked up a new tool in the effort to continually stay ahead of the fakers.   Magnification has always been my choice for determining authenticity.   I never leave home without my jewelers loupe.    But the loupe does have it's limitations with regard to power.  The latest tool I picked up is a USB Microscope.   This is magnification on steroids!   The USB microscope that I picked up is a Veho VMS-004 Discovery Digital Microscope.   This thing is amazing.   The microscope simply plugs into your USB terminal of your computer, and it has a digital camera built in.   The difference of fake versus real decals is incredible at high magnification.   The only real drawback I have found is that the digital microscope works at 20X and 400X, and nothing in between.   I haven't found this to be a major detriment.   Even 20X is double my 10X jewelers loupe, and at 400X you are cooking with gas.  SS decals at 400X present characteristics that cannot be duplicated.   For those of you utilizing the Digital microscope technology, you know what I mean.    I sincerely believe that the best method for determining authenticity of decals is using the USB microscope.   This blows away the X-Ray Fluorescence technology that was introduced last year.  The XRF technology leaves some holes.   One serious weakness with XRF is that you cannot determine when a period decal was applied.   A postwar applied Pocher SS decal will exhibit the same elements & properties as a period decal Pocher.    High magnification allows you to examine characteristics of a truly aged decal.    I have found the USB microscope extremely helpful in examining camouflaged paint.  Period camo paints often exhibit microscope checking (age cracks) invisible to the naked eye, and somewhat visible under a loupe.   The USB microscope also comes in handy with insignia etc, and about anything that you need to examine fine details.   I encourage you guys to make the investment and train yourself on what to look for.  The real key is spending time with it and learning to interpret what you are seeing.   They are not expensive.  I picked up one for around $79 on Amazon.com.    This could be the best $79 you ever spend in the hobby!   

New sections at WW2GermanHelmets.com

On to other news.   I recently added new tabs to the website for better and easier searching.  Previously I had a lot of different items lumped all together in the Miscellaneous Items section.   I have added a dedicated section for Belts & Buckles, as well as a tab for Medals, Badges, & Cloth Insignia.   So far the feedback has been really good on the additions.   I do have a large collection on the way from California with lots of those types of items.   Belt buckles are a really neat part of the hobby and really go well with helmets.   For whatever reason, a lot of Vets would bring a couple of buckles back with helmets.  It has always been a natural fit and they deserve their own place on the website.  I have a modest collection of the belt buckles and they display super well with helmets.   And it goes without saying how popular the medals, badges, and insignia are in the hobby.   And once again, I have a nice modest collection of those items.    I really love the medals, especially the various Assault badges.    I hope you guys like the new arrangement of the tabs up at the top.   I always welcome any feedback or if there is any new sections you wish to see.  I hope to add a section for uniforms at some point, but I so rarely get them that for now, they will stay in the Field Gear section.    

Born 40 years too late! 

Lately, I have been spending time reflecting on my childhood.   That seems to happen to me every year around my birthday which was just last month.    I was reminded recently about my early interest of WWII history when I had a conversation with a customer.    It all began for me around 1976, when I was a boy of 11 years of age.   My mom took me and my best friend Jack Culbertson to see the movie Midway.   I just loved that movie in the theatre.  We brown bagged our popcorn and off we went into the greatest Naval battle of WWII.   I was hooked.   My mom picked up a book for me called "Midway- Turning Point in Pacific".   That was my very first WWII book.    Then later that year, the show came out with Robert Conrad called "Baa Baa Blacksheep", based on the adventures of Major Greg Boyington and the VMF-214.   That was such a great show.  Every week for three years I waited in anticipation for that show!   And I still remember how upset I was when the show was cancelled in 1978....damn networks!   


Of course, I was watching Hogan's Heroes on a regular basis after school.  Then in 1977 came the epic movie, "A Bridge Too Far" about the September 44 failed Operation Market Garden.    Well, after that, I was completely hooked on the War in Europe.   As a kid, my buddy Jack and I as well as some of the local boys would go out and play Army.  Armed with BB guns and dirt clods for grenades, we took to the woods!  Jack's older brother Jim used to let us play with various WWII German items such as helmets and flags.   We were both really fascinated by the stuff from the bad guys (the Germans of course).    I remember sitting out in the woods in the snow, pretending  we were encircled by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge.  Even as a kid I realized the significance of WWII.   I also remember often being sad by having missed out on the War.  I was always talking with my Uncles and other Veterans about their experience during WWII.  I really felt that I had missed the big show.   I grew up thinking that somehow through a twist of fate, that God misplaced me into the wrong era.   And to this day, those thoughts creep into the forefront of my mind.   Most of you WWII history buffs will know what I am talking about.   So, at this point, I have accepted that I missed out on the single biggest event in the last thousand years.   I do feel that I was perhaps born 40 years too late.   But had I been part of the Normandy landing in the Omaha Beach sector, I might re-think it all.    I have to admit, that if time travel were possible, I'd go in a heartbeat.   Until time travel becomes possible, I will continue to use the WWII artifacts as a way to reach out and touch history.   History that I love and that I will always wish that I could have been part of.    

Until next time, happy hunting!




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