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Issue #15 SOS Recap & More!!! 

Good day fellows.   All I can say is wow....the SOS was a blast!!!  To all of the guys that I saw there at the show, I give a shout out that it was awesome to see you!   The show activities started off on my arrival to Louisville and dinner with some fellow collectors at "Dave's Famous BBQ" in Louisville.   The BBQ was great!   Then it was off to the show on Thursday morning for set up.   The crowd was really good on Thursday and Friday with lots of deals being made.   It does appear that helmets continue to be the hot commodity, especially the more scarce and unique types.   There were a number of great camouflage helmets at the show that sold for top dollar.    I had a walk in that turned out to be really super.   This fellow walks up to my table on the last day and ask if I buy helmets...funny question.   He pulls out this really great Heer Camouflage helmet that was found in a house in Louisville that his Mom is selling as the realtor.    I was able to make a deal on it after he shopped it around a bit.   I should have that one on the website in the next day or two.  I am currently trying to research the helmet as it is named to a German Sergeant and has a Feld Post number.   It's a really cool looking Camo helmet as well.

I didn't sell as much as I expected but I did manage to come back with 7 really nice helmets and with a number of medals and badges etc.   To me the shows are always successful if I get to meet and mingle with the collectors from all over the World.   I met a number of customers for the first time and that is really a treat!    I have a fellow from Scottsdale AZ that was my very first customer 6 years ago that I finally met!   Plus a good number of fellows that I have sold helmets to over the years.   Putting a face with the name is a treat!   A really fun event was the HelmetFest 2011 that was hosted by Doug Buhler, noted Canadian Collector at the Courtyard Marriott.    The event was very successful with over 70 of the most well known helmet collectors in attendance.    We had a super time.  WW2GermanHelmets.com was the official beer sponsor and complimentary WW2GermanHelmets.com Beer glasses were provided to the attendees.    The glasses turned out to be a real hit.   I can thank my wife Karen for that idea.    Another really fun event was the Third Annual German Helmets Walhalla Forum Dinner at the Gasthaus German Restaurant in Louisville.   We had 24 in attendance and it truly was an International event with fellows from Australia, England, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Canada, Belgium, & the country of California.....just kidding Craig T!    I have posted a bunch of photographs from the show, HelmetFest 2011, and the GHW dinner at the Gasthaus on my WW2GermanHelmets.com Facebook page.    To see more about the show, please click on the link below:



If I have one complaint about the Show of Shows in Louisville, it would have to be the poor concessions.    I have seen better concessions at Little League Baseball games.    The folks that run the Show should hang their heads in shame.   Basically the only food was a sausage link, and two kinds of hot dogs, and pretzels.   They were understaffed to handle the crowd and often ran out of hot dogs before 1 o'clock.    This is a huge event and I would certainly expect better.    Otherwise the show was fantastic.   If you go, I recommend a cooler and bringing your own food, unless you want to choke down one of their $2.50 lousy hot dogs and clog your arteries!   

By now you have probably noticed that I am posting "Heads Up" on new inventory on my Homepage through a Twitter RSS Feed.   I used to do emails but it was too limited on the number of collectors that were on the email distribution and many guys were getting left out.   Plus, some fellows don't like to receive the email notifications to new arrivals.    I believe that this allows all collectors an equal shot at new inventory when it hits the website.   You don't have to be a member of Twitter to read the updates as well.   Twitter is just a quick easy way for me to bring attention to new helmets as they hit the website.   Just be sure to check the homepage in the lower right corner for the updates.


Lastly, I wanted to share one of the best compliments that I could receive from a collector from the Show.   It's really humbling and makes me feel good! 

Hi Dave,
My son Erich and I got home to S California today from the SOS.  We were talking about how great it was to meet and speak with so many
nice fellow collectors.  I wanted to write you because he and I thought that of everyone we met, you stood out as probably THE nicest of ALL.
Your personality and love for the hobby is inspirational.
I'll be keeping an eye on your site.   I hope to get a helmet from you soon.
Take Care,

That was awesome to hear!  Thanks Jon for letting me know!!!!!!

Now, be sure to check into the website often over the next week or so as I had a number of helmets and items waiting on my return from the Show.    There are going to be frequent updates over the next 7-10 days with lots of exciting items.     

Until next time, happy hunting!




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