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Allgemeine SS Double Decal German Helmet 
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Allgemeine SS Transitional Austrian "Droop Bill" Parade Helmet 

This is a super rare Original Allgemeine SS Transitional Austrian Droop Bill Parade helmet.   This helmet has a really nice patina.   The original black paint is in good condition with some typical wear on the dome and some mild dents in the dome area that doesn't detract from the display qualities.  The liner is the three pad early type and the leather is in dry fragile condition.  The helmet also has the correct period roller buckle chinstrap.  The leather strap is fairly dry and fragile but intact.  All of the rivets are intact and match the exterior paint.  What's really special about this helmet is the fact that it is a Black Droop Bill with decals instead of hand painted insignias.  The CA Pocher Runic decal is gorgeous with nice crazing on the runes and nice gold lacquer toning.  The Runic decal rates at 95%.  The Party Decal rates about 95% with a few scratches and nice lacquer toning.  There are no visible marker markings on the helmet.  This scarce and desirable Allgemeine Transitional helmet has not been tampered with and is guaranteed to be 100% authentic.  The helmet is priced accordingly based on the condition and is one of the very few examples in existence of the type.   As with all my helmets, this Allgemeine SS Transitional Droop Bill helmet comes with a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

$15,000.00 Item #845  


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